Digital Millennium

We provide software solutions for the digital millennium.

Our products encompass:
File management systems

Law Practice Management

Forensic Software

Detection Services

Takedown Services

Our clients range from law firms to content owners from all parts of the entertainment industry to authors and photographers.

Digital File and Content Management Systems

Paperwork was yesterday. In the digital millennium, all correspondence and all documents should be kept in one place. Secure. Digital. Easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Our digital file and content management systems are made to measure to fit your needs.

Law Practice Management Software

Having more than ten years of experience working closely with attorneys, our developers have created a cloud-based law practice management software with customizable workflow process. It also serves for highly organized document management. The software is optimized to handle large amounts of cases, especially in fields of law where high-volume intake management and settlement tracking are essential.

Forensic Software

The results of our software examinations determine whether intellectual property infringement or theft occurred. It is the centerpiece of lawsuits, trials, and settlements when companies are in dispute over issues involving software patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Forensics tools can compare code to determine correlation, a measure that can be used to guide a software forensics expert. Digital evidence can play a major role in a wide range of crimes. Our software helps that digital evidence is collected correctly, and analyzed effectively. It lets you extract forensic evidence from computers quickly and securely.

Detection Services

Our detection services provide IP intelligence data for high volume environments. One key element of our detection services is the logging of connection data of peer-to-peer networks such as Bittorrent. We have more than ten years of experience in this field. Our software has been assessed by independent experts and approved by courts for years. We detect copyright infringements worldwide and deliver all digital evidence needed for lawsuits. Our detection services are also widely used as a base for copyright infringement notices.

Takedown Services

Notice and take down is a process operated by online hosts in response to court orders or allegations that content is illegal. Content is removed by the host following notice. Notice and take down is widely operated in relation to copyright infringement, as well as for libel and other illegal content. In US and European Union law, notice and takedown is mandated as part of limited liability, or safe harbour, provisions for online hosts such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 and the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000. As a condition for limited liability online hosts must expeditiously remove or disable access to content they host when they are notified of the illegality. We send these notices for you and make sure that the recipient complies with the request.

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We help to keep up with the pace of the digital age in managing content, clients and distribution and protecting intellectual property from piracy.